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WP Xplor Pro 7448 Air Fork First Look: High

Apr 16, 2023

Owners of KTM and Husqvarna off-road motorcycles from model year 2017 to the present can upgrade their suspension with the new WP Xplor Pro 7448 air fork. The new Pro 7448 is a split system setup, using WP Suspension‘s latest technology and features easy adjustability.

Instead of a traditional coil spring, the WP Xplor Pro 7448 fork uses WP AER technology, which uses air pressure to hold the suspension up. The AER air spring saves 2.2 pounds compared to a steel spring system. Other features include WP's Cone Valve technology and Closed Cartridge Construction.

The Cone Valve system reduces the number of damping shims by replacing them with a conical valve. This keeps damping consistent through the stroke, and enhances reliability. According to WP, the Closed Cartridge design reduces friction, improves responsiveness, and retains consistent damping action.

Air pressure adjustments can be made on the trail, as required by the rider. Additionally, the adjusters for compression and rebound damping are easily accessible, and tunable away from the pits. The split system means the air pressure is contained in one fork leg, with the oil-based damping in the other fork leg.

According to a WP Suspension spokesman, the new WP Xplor Pro 7448 fork "redefines the personal limits of any ambitious enduro fanatic and allows the perfect balance between extremely robust damping performance and the lightness and agility that is crucial for the perfect run to the podium."

Fork travel is just a hair under 12 inches, and the overall length of the fork is 945mm. While designed for late model KTM and Husqvarna off-road motorcycles, along with the 2021 GasGas enduro and cross-country models, the Pro 7448 fork can be considered by anyone riding an off-road motorcycle with a matching fork length and travel requirements.

WP Xplor Pro 7448 Fork Fast Facts


WP Xplor Pro 7448 Fork Price: $3499 MSRP

WP Xplor Pro 7448 Fork Fast Facts Applications WP Xplor Pro 7448 Fork Price: $3499 MSRP