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Weidmuller introduces Klippon Connect side entry terminal blocks

Oct 01, 2023

By Mike Santora | June 6, 2023

Weidmuller USA, a provider of Smart Industrial Connectivity products and solutions headquartered in Richmond, VA, brings new Klippon Connect Side Entry terminal blocks featuring lateral PUSH IN technology to market, showcasing the company's ongoing commitment to developing innovative end-to-end safe and convenient connection solutions.

Fast and reliable connections are essential in many industry sectors from aerospace to packaging to pumps and pipelines to electric vehicles and many more. Weidmuller's patented PUSH IN technology, which reduces the connection times for terminal blocks by up to 50%, makes many tasks in the field of electrical connectivity easier, faster, safer, and more cost-efficient.

The new Klippon Connect terminal blocks with lateral PUSH IN connection combine the advantages of PUSH IN and screw connection technology. Conductors can be connected quickly without a bending radius and without tools. This reduces the installation height and increases clarity, as markings and functional areas remain clearly visible even when wired.

The innovative connection system and the special shape of the Klippon Connect terminal block enables convenient wiring even for compact terminals measuring just 3.9-in. long and .20-in. wide. With an extensive range of accessories and the various cross-connection options, the Klippon Connect A-Series offers a solution for every connection requirement.

"Our PUSH IN connection technology is designed according to the compression spring principle, which means that the spring for the wire connection is held separately in the housing," said Carlus Hicks, Director Cabinet Products Division. "This design feature ensures a separation of mechanical and electrical functions, resulting in high conductor extraction forces to ensure maximum conductor connection."

Carlus Hicks added that Weidmuller supports users throughout their entire work process with over 5,000 PUSH IN connection solutions. "PUSH IN technology not only guarantees reliable connections for decades but is also Ready-to-Robot for fully-automated assembly processes," he said.


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