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The Best Innerspring Mattresses of 2023

Jul 04, 2023

The Inofia 10-inch hybrid innerspring mattress is an example of a great mattress at an equally great price. It features seven layers that provide cooling comfort and pressure relief. The top layer is hypoallergenic and designed to promote airflow to regulate body temperature for all-night comfort. A foam layer beneath the top layer has fireproof materials for safety. The third layer features a comfort foam that offers pressure relief and provides padding to soften the feel of the innerspring layer. Two additional layers, under the comfort foam, are designed to increase airflow within the mattress and manage temperature for added cooling benefits.

The innerspring layer of the mattress features individually wrapped pocket springs to offer support and facilitate even more airflow. Finally, a high-density base keeps the mattress sturdy and increases its durability. This hybrid mattress offers sturdy edge support to make getting in or out of bed easier. It is also designed to minimize motion disturbances, allowing one partner to sleep soundly when the other is moving around.

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