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The 12 Best Sideboards of 2023

Mar 15, 2023

Our list includes picks designed for small kitchen spaces, outdoor dining areas, and everywhere in between.

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Food & Wine / Williams Sonoma

Hosting a crowd is no easy feat. Whether you’re grilling for the whole neighborhood or planning a formal dinner party, pulling together a meal and prepping your space for entertaining comes with its stresses. Luckily, there's one additional piece that ensures you’re the host with the most: a sideboard. This unique piece of furniture has a myriad of uses, and the best sideboards seamlessly flex between acting as a decorative accent and providing a surface similar to a buffet table to serve a celebratory meal, all while adding valuable storage.

To help you shop for this functional and stylish kitchen or dining room addition, we researched dozens of the best sideboards that streamline how you store, serve, and entertain. From designs that do double duty as home bar carts to small space-friendly buffets for both indoor and outdoor use, our list has something for every style, space, and budget. Check out our favorites below, plus hear from design expert Annie Downing on the best way to put your new sideboard to good use.

West Elm

This sideboard has a relatively slim profile, so it's suitable for homes of all sizes.

There are no knobs or pulls on this piece, which can make the drawers and cabinets challenging to open.

For a classic sideboard that's as beautiful as it is timeless, look no further than this elegant design from West Elm. Made from sustainably-sourced mango wood and stained a versatile mid-tone brown, it doesn't read as Mid-century-inspired as many of West Elm's other pieces, allowing it to flex seamlessly between decor styles ranging from traditional to boho.

Two glass-front doors on either side bookend a set of drawers in the middle, providing ample room for storing table linens and serve ware pieces. Bonus: This sideboard is part of a larger collection — including a dining table, coffee table, and bench — if you want to carry the look seamlessly throughout the rest of your home.

Price at time of publish: $1,699


This IKEA piece has mesh paneling at the front and back, allowing it to have less visual heaviness while still camouflaging any clutter.

This sideboard will need to be assembled upon arrival and is, like many IKEA pieces, notoriously difficult to construct.

It's no secret that IKEA is the place to shop for affordable pieces that also check the box for style and functionality, and the iconic Swedish retailer has done it again with their FJÄLLBO Sideboard. The steel and wood body is surprisingly sturdy — especially considering the affordable price point — and makes a great decor accent in a home that skews modern or industrial.

Two mesh drawers open to reveal a sturdy interior shelf, with an additional pair of drawers providing a spot to sash utensils, candles, and more. The solid pine top is a foot and a half wide, so you’ll have plenty of space to lay out a spread or showcase your extensive ceramic collection.

Price at time of publish: $349


The back of this piece is outfitted to accommodate counter-height stools, so it can double as a kitchen island in your space if the room permits.

This sideboard only has a maximum weight capacity of 50 pounds, which is one of the lowest on our list.

If luxury is what you’re after, you can't go wrong with this stunner from Frontgate. Crafted of solid oak, topped with Carrara marble, and painted an inky black, it's a statement piece that will pull all eyes at your next dinner party or holiday bash. It has plenty of storage, with three drawers and three cabinets ready to be filled to the brim with entertaining and kitchen goodies. It also has all the bespoke upgrades you’d expect of a luxury piece, including soft-close doors and drawers, scratch-preventing floor glides, and a decorative half-bevel on the countertop edge.

We love that this piece is finished on all sides, which means it looks great from all angles and can be placed in virtually any area of the home, from the center of the kitchen to the side wall of an entertainment room. For its versatility and solid oak and marble construction, we consider this sideboard to be absolutely splurge-worthy.

Price at time of publish: $5,849

Williams Sonoma

The rattan fronts on these cabinets promote airflow, ensuring that mold and mildew won't take hold of anything stored within the sideboard.

This sideboard is one of the longest on our list, so you’ll need a large deck or patio to use it.

Homeowners who are big on outdoor entertaining should aim to outfit their al fresco space just as functionally (and just as stylishly) as their indoor space — and that includes a weather-friendly sideboard. This Williams Sonoma design is made from FSC-certified teak and rattan, so it can hold its own against anything Mother Nature throws at it.

Storage space is often at a premium outside, which makes this model extra enticing — it touts a ton of roomy cabinetry to hold gardening supplies, versatile melamine dinnerware, and even a few toys. Plus, a hefty 131-pound weight means you don't have to worry about it blowing over in a storm.

Price at time of publish: $2,799

Pottery Barn

This buffet features adjustable levelers on the feet, so it can compensate for uneven flooring or wonky tile.

The wood top on this sideboard has a light wash, so it may be more likely to show wear and tear or food stains.

For small spaces, each piece of furniture you bring into your home is extra important and must pull double (or even triple) duty. This petite but powerful sideboard from Pottery Barn caught our eye thanks to its sleek exterior (two different hues of mango wood) and ample storage space. The right side offers up three drawers for storage, while the left has a roomy cabinet with a hidden notch handle and two interior shelves.

Like a small space hero, this piece can be used in a multitude of ways: as a traditional sideboard in the dining room, as a small island in the kitchen, or even as a media console, thanks to a notched cut-out for cords in the back.

Price at time of publish: $999


This sideboard comes in two colorways — black and brown — so you can cater your pick to your room's design.

Since it's made of engineered wood, this piece can scratch a bit easier than solid wood designs.

If you fancy yourself an amateur mixologist or love hosting weekend wine tastings for friends, you’re going to need a place to post up and pour your favorite cocktail. This comprehensive sideboard from Trent Austin Design acts as a makeshift bar, giving you a spot to stash everything from glassware to gadgets.

Make use of the integrated wine racks to house your collection of California blends, then stock the other side with all the makings of an espresso bar (including mug hooks!) for a different type of nightcap. The center touts a mesh enclosure perfect for dishware or extra accessories, like the automatic wine opener you just had to have.

Price at time of publish: $300

Pottery Barn

The drawers in this hutch can double as a place to store your favorite bottles of wine.

Because this piece is so tall, it doesn't offer a surface to set food on — you’ll have to spring for the matching buffet to get that.

Hosts who take their role very seriously will fall head over heels for this Pottery Barn buffet-hutch combo, which takes its cues from the restaurant industry to become a do-it-all piece in your kitchen or dining room. There's a place for everything within, from dangling pinot glasses and your wedding china to larger vases and pieces of serve ware.

The slide-out drawers keep dinner party accessories at the ready, so designing a well-appointed tabletop is only an arm's length away. Two full-panel glass doors keep everything secure and feeling airy, while the all-black finish adds a bit of drama, and a matching buffet provides even more design (and storage) options.

Price at time of publish: $1,799


This sleek sideboard features 4 doors, 3 interior shelves, plus a faux marble tabletop for serving.

The shelves on the inside of this piece are not adjustable, so you can't tweak the height if you need to store larger or taller items.

Modern design doesn't have to feel cold or stark. This stunning green sideboard from Homary features a sleek black faux marble tabletop plus gold accents and trim. It has a ton of storage with its 3 interior shelves and can be put to work as a traditional sideboard, media console, or anywhere you need a bit more organization. The interior has six individual compartments to store dishware or linens, while the top provides plenty of room for the dessert spread at your next bash.

Price at time of publish: $1,360


This buffet is made from solid pine wood for durability and stability, plus it has 2 pull-out drawers and interior storage shells with glass panels

Both the handmade wood finish and bluestone or marble tabletop require delicate care to prevent scratches

For many people, splurging on solid wood furniture is an investment in the future. These pieces often turn into family heirlooms, and this design from Arhaus will surely become a favorite of everyone who passes through your home. Crafted from solid Finnish pine wood and available in four different stain colors, the quality of this piece is unmatched, making it a worthy buy for anyone who loves entertaining guests.

We love the choice of smooth bluestone or white marble top, the antique brass pulls on the drawers and cabinets, and the smart glass paneling that allows visibility. Add it to your kitchen as an extra spot to stash and serve food, or stage it in your dining room, where it can act as the showstopper it was meant to be.

Price at time of publish: $2,199


The doors on this sideboard can slide back and forth, allowing you to choose which sections you close off and which you leave open.

If you don't have bottles to store, the slots on the middle shelves may be difficult to use functionally for other items.

If your interior decoration style leans towards farmhouse, this sideboard will fit nicely into your dining area. Small in scale yet with plenty of storage space, it features exposed barndoor-style hardware and slatted doors for a rustic look that will add warmth and coziness to your kitchen or dining room. The center portion has two adjustable shelves, each with slots meant to keep bottles of wine or liquor in place, allowing the piece to double as a bar cabinet.

Price at time of publish: $530

West Elm

This sideboard is available in three different stains, so you can pick the look that suits your space best.

The shelves on the inside of this piece are not adjustable, so you may not be able to fit larger items.

Fans of mid-century modern design will love this piece, which combines hallmark elements of the iconic style (like tapered legs and slab-front cabinets and doors) with tons of storage space. The long and lean profile works great in almost any room, providing an easy spot to put plates, glassware, board games, and more. Style it up with a pile of coffee table books and a piece of art, and you have a standout piece that more than pulls its weight in your home.

Price at time of publish: $1,249


While they may look like traditional cabinet doors, the fronts are bi-fold, lending another decorative element.

This piece is difficult to assemble, and the manufacturer's instructions note that it will take at least two people.

You can't go wrong with clean and minimalist white furniture, whether your style skews traditional, boho, or modern. This IKEA sideboard is as straightforward as it gets — but in a good way. With a clean profile, shaker-style doors, and simple hardware, it's a great option for renters who may change their location and layout (and, thus, style) every few years. The interior is especially roomy given its smaller size, with plenty of room for whatever you need to store, from cookbooks to linens.

Price at time of publish: $429

Several materials are commonly used in sideboards, ranging from metal to wood and composite materials. Because the piece will get lots of traffic while you’re entertaining, you’ll want to pay close attention to the construction of the doors and drawers, making sure they’re durable enough to withstand daily wear and tear.

The material of the top of the sideboard is also important — you want something that can tolerate dings and won't stain easily if food is spilled or hot plates are placed down. In general, solid wood pieces will last you the longest and can often be refinished if there are instances of scratching or staining.

Like most pieces of furniture, sideboards come in a slew of different styles, from farmhouse to Mid-century modern. We covered a bevy of options on our list to cater to any decor vibe, and you can shop with your aesthetics in mind. Look for certain hallmarks of your chosen design style, such as shape, finish, and even hardware choices.

At their core, sideboards are a multi-functional piece. While they’re typically seen in the dining room, no rule states you have to place yours there — the living room, kitchen, and even office are all fair game. When shopping for the best sideboard for your space, consider the versatility and look for designs that can take up residence in different rooms, have useful add-ons, and have indoor/outdoor functionality.

While all the sideboards on our list were chosen with storage at the forefront, how they achieve that mission ranges from piece to piece. Some have more room than others; some keep things organized with racks and drawers geared toward specific things (like wine). When shopping for the right sideboard for your space, keep your eyes peeled for special features that cater to your lifestyle or intended use. If you are imagining a space to stash your collection of Italian pottery, you’ll want to choose a sideboard with adjustable shelves to accommodate taller pieces.

Generally speaking, sideboards are a means of boosting storage in a space where built-in cabinetry isn't an option. "Sideboards are a great way to add interest and storage to a dining room," says Downing, who often relies on the design to bring an added layer of decor to her client's spaces. "They can be used to store entertaining pieces, as well as items you may not be able to fit in your nearby kitchen cabinets."

Sideboards are often long and lean, so you’ll want to place yours on a blank expanse of wall that can accommodate their size while still being accessible to nearby entertaining zones. "I recommend placing a sideboard on an empty wall, framing it with a pair of sconces and a piece of art, and topping it with a beautiful vase," says Downing. "Just be sure to maintain enough clearance space between your sideboard and any seating so guests aren't backing up their chair into the piece any time they need to get up."

"Sideboards are typically smaller than a buffet, but, like a buffet, can be used as a serving station during a dinner party or gathering," says Downing. Retailers will sometimes use the two terms interchangeably, so you can shop products under both monikers as long as you pay close attention to the dimensions to ensure the piece suites your home's footprint.

On average, sideboards are usually around 60 inches in length, with shorter and longer options also common. That being said, the best size for a sideboard is whatever your home can comfortably accommodate while still providing ample storage space. If you go too small, you risk having entertaining goods or accessories that need to find a home elsewhere; go too big, and the sideboard will swallow up the available space in your kitchen or dining room and affect the flow.

You should only use a sideboard as an outdoor buffet if it is made from materials designed for outdoor use. Woods like teak and eucalyptus, as well as powder-coated steel, are all common options when it comes to outdoor furniture and is designed to be able to withstand weather conditions like rain. If you put a sideboard outside that is not meant to be used al fresco, you run the risk of the piece cracking, molding, chipping, and more.

Alyssa Longobucco is a freelance writer, editor, and stylist living in New York with over a decade of experience in the food, home, and lifestyle categories. When she's not diving into the latest trends and products, she's restoring an 1820s farmhouse in the Hudson Valley alongside her husband and children.

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