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Spring 2023

Dec 09, 2023

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After a remarkable 20-year career in the U.S. Army and serving as Human Resources Director for the Biden-Harris Campaign, alumni Dalmyra Caesar is now working as deputy director for White House Personnel.

Georgia Southern students create the Students with Disabilities Advocacy Group to give disabled students a voice on campus.

Georgia Southern alumni visited Ireland this summer to see the new Wexford Center, see the history our students are studying, and experience the beauty and magic of Ireland.

This summer, Georgia Southern students traveled to Ireland — the first group of students to study at the beautiful Wexford, Ireland Study Abroad Center.

Tormenta Football Club owners Darin and Netra Van Tassell build their field of dreams.

Alumnus Bryce Leatherwood learns how to move a crowd in Statesboro and takes it to the biggest stage in the world.