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Product Review: TaylorSense Smart Battery Box

Dec 12, 2023

As seen in Guitar Girl Magazine Issue 19 – Spring 2022

The TaylorSense guitar monitoring system connects you with your guitar's health to keep it in top shape as you’re alerted if its conditions fall outside of where they should be (humidity, temperature, impact, and battery). This is a brilliant Taylor technical innovation and an industry game-changer.

"Preserve ideal conditions"

As experienced players know, the single most important condition for your acoustic guitar is its humidity, as too high or low can ruin its playability and tone. Taylor maintains world-class conditions throughout the entire build process, and knowledgeable sellers have dedicated acoustic guitar rooms to preserve these ideal conditions. The brilliance of TaylorSense allows you to keep your prized Taylor at its peak by keeping it in its ideal humidity range of 44-55 percent. Its digital hygrometer expertly monitors the humidity, and you’re alerted if it falls outside this range. In addition, you’re given insightful information about what to do to correct this.

Next, maintaining proper temperature is key to preserving your guitar's vitality. It's not so much when you have your guitar with you but when it's away is where there can be trouble. For example, if it's in a hot car or the cold cargo area of a plane for an extended period of time, like when you’re on the road or on tour. These hostile temperatures can cause your guitar's construction to shift or warp beyond repair. Again, being quickly notified of these dangers is critical, and receiving expert advice directly from the smart folks at Taylor is both reassuring and comforting AND shows their ongoing commitment to you as part of the Taylor family.

"Industry gamechanger"

Moving on, and while it's hoped that it never happens, should your prized Taylor receive some sort of shock-like from rough baggage handling or an unexpected fall, you are immediately notified, and its time of impact is recorded. This is extremely helpful in determining where it happened and most useful should you need to convey this for repair and/or if compensation is needed from insurance or the responsible party.

Finally, knowing your battery's life gives you the confidence to dive deep into your awe-inspiring soulful performance on stage or in the recording studio without it being cut short by a dead battery. To help you avoid this pitfall, you receive a notice at 30 percent of battery life and again alerted at 10 percent. This can be a career saver!

"The brilliance of TaylorSense"

To get TaylorSense on your Taylor guitar, it's easy as the TaylorSense battery box is compatible with any Taylor pickup with a 9-volt battery. You simply follow the step-by-step instructions on how to replace the standard 9-volt battery box with a TaylorSense-equipped one, and there's a video on how to do this too. Next, you get the TaylorSense mobile app for both iOS and Android, and that's it! You’re now connected to your Taylor guitar's health. This is one of those things that you wonder how you ever got along without it?

If you still have questions, Taylor Support is available at [email protected] or call them at 1-800-943-6782.

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