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Homes Sell Faster in Rockford Illinois Than in Most U.S. Cities

Nov 02, 2023

You're going to be surprised when you find out which city in Illinois is one of the fastest-selling housing markets in the country, according to a new survey.

The survey by Stacker used April 2023 housing market data from Redfin to determine which metro areas in America had homes on the market for the least number of days.

At a local level, a property that sits on the market for longer than the median length of time could signal to would-be-buyers that there is something undesirable about the listing. When homes sell faster it can also be a sign that any given market is less buyer-friendly. -Stacker

Data from the survey shows homes will sit on the market for much longer than just a year ago. In April 2023, the median number of days a home was listed before selling was 36. That is more than two weeks longer than April 2022.

In this study, the top 3 cities for fastest-selling homes in the U.S are all in Pennsylvania:

According to the survey, homes listed in all three of those towns had a median number of days on the market at 6.

The only city from Illinois that ranked at #14 on the list of places where homes sell the fastest is...

The Forest City has a median number of days on the market of 10 and an average sale price of $160,000, Rockford ranked right between Anchorage, Alaska (#13), and Denver (#15) for the city with the fastest-selling homes.

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