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Hammocks Are the Easiest Way to Turn Your Backyard Into an Oasis

Dec 27, 2023

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YOU'VE MOWED the lawn, watered the garden, and played catch with the kids—it is now time to lounge. Thankfully we have hammocks, the ultimate outdoor relaxation piece that makes summer, well, summer. But creating the perfect outdoor lounging setup is no easy feat, which is why we went ahead and found the best options for 2023.

Our Men's Health commerce team tested and reviewed a number of hammocks to find the best models for the kicking back this summer. We made sure to highlight everything from traditional rope hammocks to weather-resistant camping hammocks. Some of our favorite hammocks include a touch of added style, and others promise added utility (like cupholders and tablet pockets). Out of all of our top picks, we still believe the Presidential Duracord Rope Hammock from Pawleys Island is the best overall hammock due to its trusted durability and comfort, and timeless look.

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Look, swaying in the backyard with a beer rested on your chest is an American right. So, depending on what kind of lounger you are, and what kind of backyard you have, it's time to get you all setup and comfortable with a hammock that fits you best. Let's get to the list.

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Pawleys Island is the OG American hammock maker. They've been building high-quality hammocks out of the Carolinas since 1889. That's why it has that classic, can-stand-it-all look. You'll be nestled in history.

The brand uses DuraCord for the rope, which makes it perfect for any weather, including rainy days (the rope dries fast and is mildew and mold resistant). And the double-weave of the rope itself adds a luxe level of thickness that cradles around the body and gives off that ultimate level of comfort a good hammock provides. Another small detail we loved was the oak spreader bars, which help keep from drying out and splintering over time that other cheaper woods can do quite fast.

You don't get a stand with this hammock, but you do get zinc-plated hardware to hang it up. Once locked in it will hold up to 450-pounds and offer plenty of space to pile on a couple of people or a small family. It's true this hammock is a little expensive, but really we have no problem opting in due to its timeless look, long lifespan, and supreme comfort. Yeah, this is the hammock of all hammocks here.

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Presidential Duracord Rope Hammock


You can lounge in a hammock all by yourself, but if you want a buddy to hang around with, this quilted two-person hammock is for you. Of course, there's nothing wrong with taking all this space up for yourself, either, but we love the idea of sharing this hammock with a partner—especially since it's made with a sturdy wooden spreader that'll keep the tough material flat (which means you don't have to worry about rolling into each other as you sway). The affordable, under-$100 price point is pretty great, however the one downside about this hammock is you do need to buy the matching hammock stand separately if you don't already own one.

As far as style goes, there's nothing tacky about the color of this hammock. We were thrilled to find this in a timeless black and white striped design.

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Quilted Fabric Hammock and Pillow Two Person


For a softer, more pillowy summer sway, opt for a quilted hammock with a cushioned surface as opposed to the classic netted look. This one is mildew-resistant and made in the USA. We love the size of this, which is big enough to fit two adults or multiple kids. And because of the Sunbrella fabric on both sides, this hammock is reversible.

This L.L.Bean hammock is probably one of the most expensive hammocks on this list, but there are multiple touch points that highlight just how well made of a product you're getting. The wood spreaders on each end are made of oak, which won't splinter or crack over time (when moisture is constantly getting at it). The hardware is also highly durable and made with rust-resistant steel. This is a certified classic well worth the investment.

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Quilted Sunbrella Hammock, Stripe


Available in tons of unique and vibrant colors (included this very patriotic one pictured above), Yellow Leaf makes hammocks that look as good as they feel. For starters, the brand was once featured on Shark Tank. Each hammock is handwoven by craftswomen in Thailand, with over 150,000 loops of performance yarn added to each hammock for the ultimate durability and stretch comfort. Truly there's no hammock on this list that's more cozy and more stylish.

Our qualms, however, stem from the fact you have to buy straps and the fact there's no hammock stand to pair with it. What's nice is you can buy any universal strap system (should only cost you about $20-$30 on Amazon) but its still an added cost. As far as cost of a Yellow Leaf hammock itself, they are more expensive than most hammocks, but we believe it's well worth the investment when you consider where the hammock is coming from and how well-made it is through the entire production process.

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Handwoven Hammock


A good camping hammock can creep up fast in price, this one from Sea to Summit doesn't go over $100 and provides many of the essentials you'd need in backcountry (or your backyard). Its made with an extremely strong 70D ripstop nylon and packs down into a portable compression sack that, when all packed away, weighs less than 20 ounces. One downside to buying this hammock is you need to have the brand's own straps, but if you buy directly through Sea to Summit's website you get the straps included.

What's also cool about this hammock is its compatible with a number of awesome accessories. You can pair it with the Hammock Bug Net or Hammock Tarp for an instant camping upgrade.

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Pro Hammock Set


Hammock chairs are highly underrated and great for sitting up to read or journal. This chair is made from cotton and built in a bucket-seat design so you can sink in ever-so-gracefully. Up top is a wood bar to keep the chair open and spaced out, and with the package comes more than enough hardware to chain and hook it up wherever you please.

Two things to keep that in mind: the first is it's a little tougher to get out of than simply rolling onto your two feet, and the second is material will take a tad bit longer to dry than some of these other quick-dry hammocks on this list.

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Hammock Chair Hanging Rope Swing


If you're going for style points with your warm-weather lounging, opt for a hammock with a patterned, fabric base. This oversized one is quick to dry so if you forget to bring it in during a rainstorm—or if it's gotten through a light shower—you'll be able to jump back on in no time. It's also 14-feet long and can hold up to 450-pounds, so feel free to pile on multiple people—and possibly even the entire family.

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Quick Dry Hammock


L.L. Bean's rope hammock is made three-ply polyester rope, which wicks away moisture (should you be lounging on a hot day and get too sweaty) and resists mold and mildew (so you can leave it out in the rain). You do have to purchase the matching L.L.Bean stand or straps separately, which can add much more to your overall investment. Alas, this is L.L.Bean we're talking about, and so you know the quality is there.

We suggest this hammock for anyone who wants a more rustic look to their backyards and prefers to have minimal upkeep for their outdoor furniture. We also recommend buying the accompanying hammock pillow and choosing to get it monogrammed for an elevated touch.

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Polyester Hammock


This is a hammock to make a home of. It We love how it comes with everything you need: a stand, a pillow, a quilted pad to lay over the woven rope, a cup holder (yes, really) and a media case to slide your Kindle into when you being to doze off. Whew, that's a lot of features. Am I right?

There's really not much to dislike about this option, which seems to have it all. It's even on the more affordable side compared to other hammocks on this list. The only thing that's missing is a larger weight capacity—as it can only hold 265 pounds.

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Outdoor Hammock with Stand Included


Sometimes, you just want a simple cloth hammock to add a stylish and bohemian-inspired touch to your setup—whether that's on your back patio or in your home. The material itself is impressively comfortable. It's tearproof and resistant to mold and mildew. It also dries fast and protects from UV damage.

What else is nice about this breezy style from La Siesta is it's designed to have more even weight distribution (perfect for those who intend on sharing it). And if you don't want a cream-colored hammock, it's available in seven other colors.

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Brisa Tree Hammock


Hey, look at it roll! If your backyard shade situation changes drastically over the course of a day, a hammock with a roving base is suitable so you can always position it in the most comfortable spot in the yard. The stand, which can be adjusted for width and height, will work with hammocks up to 15 feet long. In other words, you can use this with the hammock included or another favorite, depending on your mood. It's not the sturdiest of the bunch, so keep that in mind if you're looking for a hammock for two people.

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Beideman Double Classic Hammock with Stand


Whether you’re planning to add a little R&R to your summer afternoons with the help of a soothing nap under the shade of your trees or you want something to add to your weekend camping trips, there's a hammock for every setting. Of course, finding the best hammock for you is easier said than done—especially when you’re considering when, where, and how you’ll be using it.


First and foremost: Type. While the first image of a hammock that comes to mind may be a simple rope or fabric one, there are a number of different styles out there. Maybe you're looking for a classic hammock with a stand to keep anywhere in your backyard. Or, perhaps you're searching for a camping hammock that'll slip easily into your travel backpack. Regardless, you'll want to keep the material in mind, too. Do you want rope and cotton for aesthetic purposes, or would you prefer a material that's not only stylish but also quick-drying?


The size of your hammock will depend on how and where you intend to use it. How long do you need it to be to suit you or anyone else who might use it? And remember—the length of the hammock itself will be different from its overall weight. Most of the options we selected were at least 13 feet long, which will work for most adults. If you're looking for a double hammock for two people, look for styles that are on the wider side, around 55 inches.


Hammocks come in all types of different materials, from nylon to cotton, to performance yarns and polyester rope. The type of material you want is going to first start with what kind of hammock you're looking to buy. If it's a camping hammock, then something made from ripstop nylon or another lightweight and tear-resistant material is needed. If it's a hammock for lounging at the house, then something comfortable like yarn, polyester, or cotton is a solid choice.

Any types of treatments on your hammock material is important to look for too. Some are coated with vinyl and some are coated with special blends to help resist mildew and mold, and also protect from UV damage. If you plan on keeping your hammock out in a sunny spot all summer, then looking for materials with these types of treatments, and quick-drying tech, should all be on your short list.


Most hammocks come with some types of warranty, and while it's not a need it is always nice to know if something happens to your hammock there's a way to get it replaced. What's great is when you have a hammock warranty that will back natural damage from storms, that way if your hammock gets twisted up or blown away in a rain storm you aren't out of luck.

The moments spent lounging beneath the summer sun are important—which is why we tested and reviewed multiple hammocks to see which ones will hold up to all types of needs. We considered the most popular hammocks with a critical eye towards factors like comfort, stability, durability, style, and price. Along with our own testing, we consulted customer reviews to create a comprehensive list of the best hammocks to use in summer 2023.

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