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Cold Spring Bar Gets Funds from Main Street Revitalization Grant Program

Jul 31, 2023

(KNSI) – The latest round of Main Street Revitalization grants should put a smile on at least one sourfaced establishment.

Grumpy's Bar in Cold Spring will get $40,000 to help with expansion, remodeling and landscaping. The bar is putting in $100,000 in addition to the award for a total of $140,000. The program has provided 30% matching grants and guaranteed loans for redevelopment since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

It's one of 11 projects totaling roughly $955,000 in Brainerd, Cold Spring, Little Falls, Long Prairie and Pine River. The Initiative Foundation, which oversees the grant program, approved the projects.

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development supports the funding, which allocated $4.5 million to the Initiative Foundation for Central Minnesota economic development opportunities.

The Initiative Foundation worked with Brainerd, Cold Spring, Little Falls, Long Prairie, Pine River and St. Cloud to identify tourism businesses that suffered significant issues due to the COVID-19 lockdowns. Funding can be used for demolition and site preparation, engineering and design, repair, renovation or new construction. All projects must be completed within a 36-month window that will close in July 2025.

Since the start of the project, the Initiative Foundation has approved nearly 50 additional projects with investments of more than $18.3 million.

The other projects selected include:


Teeny Bubbles, Inc., 1002 Laurel St.-$45,000 to remodel a building to become a childcare center. Total project cost: $427,300.

Moore's Properties, 605 Laurel St.-$14,400 for awning and parking lot repairs. Total project cost: $45,346.

Wagner Holdings, 101 Washington St.-$11,759 for a new roof, exterior paint and parking lot refurbishments. Total project cost: $39,199.

Copper Cat Escape Games, 605 Laurel St.-$6,000 for signs and building materials. Total project cost: $20,000.

The Gallery of Brainerd, 222 S. 7th St.-$3,460 to repair signage and awnings. Total project cost: $11,535.

American Legion Post 255, 708 Front St.-$3,000 to repair interior pulleys and cables for the flagpole. Total project cost: $10,000.

Little Falls:

Luberts Auto Parts Machine Shop, 105 First St. SE-$6,000 for roof repair and replacement. Total project cost: $20,000.

Long Prairie:

Chavez Event Center, LLC, 220 1st Ave. S.-$17,359 for floor remodeling and landscaping. Total project cost: $57,863.

Pine River:

Green Goose Properties, LLC, 409 Barclay Ave.-$5,000 for a new roof on the backside of the building. Total project cost: $27,900.

GuidePoint Pharmacy, 200 Barclay Ave.-$15,000 to repair the roof and replace the storefront, windows, front door and basement door. Total project cost: $50,000.

About 30 remaining projects have been recommended for funding and are still securing bids or putting together the documents required to get the grant.

Anticipated total economic development allocations are as follows for each eligible community:

Brainerd: $765,600Cold Spring: $505,750Little Falls: $632,130Long Prairie $493,000Pine River: $425,500St. Cloud and East St. Cloud: $1.5 million


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