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Pinebury Spins Out USA

Sep 21, 2023

Located in Portland, Maine, outdoor apparel company Pinebury says its mission is to make the "finest merino wool active-wear in the world". This mission is driven by a passion for the activities that come naturally to their Maine landscape.

Rooted in cycling, but dedicated to outdoor pursuits that motivate athletes year-round, Pinebury apparel is made in the USA, helping to ensure that the products meet environmental standards, fair labor practices, and safe working conditions while preserving traditions and manufacturing capabilities.

Staying sharply focused on craftsmanship through American manufacturing minimizes environmental impact, reduces waste, and strengthens their community.

The launch of Pinebury's Spring/Summer Collection is manufactured with the innovative Nuyarn Merino, a bike industry first for cycling jerseys and apparel. Nuyarn is a spinning technology that "releases the natural performance characteristics of wool fiber twisted out by traditional spinning methods". The result, Nuyarn says, is "wool products made from natural fibers that outperform synthetics".

Making gear that is inspired by a love of four-season adventures, Pinebury's use of natural fibers fits perfectly with the activities natural to the coastlines, mountains, and trails of Maine

The Spring/Summer Collection offers a range of cycling and multi-sport apparel that harnesses the cutting-edge technology of the Nuyarn Merino. Because Nuyarn is drafted not "twisted", it "absorbs better in the vapor state, managing moisture more, as it does in its loftier fiber state (or on the sheep's back)".

Nuyarn Merino is 5x faster to dry, 8.8x more durable and has 85% more elasticity/stretch than conventional ring or core-spun Merino (the industry standard).

Including jerseys for either road or gravel and high-performance multi-sport tops in either long or short sleeves, the collection is tailored for optimal fit, breathability, and freedom of movement. The Pinebury collection is also non-gendered, allowing the end user to choose a product that is based on their measurements to get the best fit.

Kyle Rancourt, Founder and President of Pinebury had this to say:

"For our initial launch collection, Nuyarn emerged as the ideal natural materials partner, they are surpassing all other merino and natural fiber technologies in terms of performance and longevity. The potential of this technology is boundless and we are merely scratching the surface of what it can achieve. This is just the beginning for us."

Pinebury says they believe in apparel that "provides comfort and durability to all athletes in changing conditions". Choosing to focus on products that offer a comfortable fit, and are able to adapt to moisture and temperature fluctuations while feeling great on your body, instead of the most compressive fit for aero gains which are virtually meaningless to non-professional cyclists.

Made in the USA

Retail: $158 (short sleeve), $168 (long sleeve)

Colors: Granite, Atlantic Blue, and Pine

Sizes: XS, SM, MD, LG, XL, XXL

Springtime can be a challenge when doing outdoor activities, one day it's sunny and hot, and the next it's breezy and chilly. These Springtime performance tees are made from Nuyarn Merino wool offering the perfect warmth-to-weight ratio to keep you comfy from late Winter through early Summer.

Pinebury says that they can be worn while running, hiking, or cycling. You can also use them as a base layer in colder conditions. Nuyarn Merino wool is 53% more wind resistant than conventional Merino.

Made in the USA

Retail: $88 (short sleeve), $98 (long sleeve)

Acadia Tee (no front pocket) Portland Tee (w/ front pocket)

Colors: Granite, Atlantic Blue, and Pine

Sizes: XS, SM, MD, LG, XL, XXL

The Signature Merino Arm Warmers have been proven to be an integral piece of cool and cold weather kits for cyclists and runners alike. Providing compression and warmth for those cold starts, while offering the versatility to be removed as you warm up.

These arm warmers are made in collaboration with DeFeet to offer the user an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio while providing moisture-wicking, durability, and comfort.

Pinebury says that this Merino wool blend is ideal for both Spring and Fall conditions with a temperature range of 35F to 60F (2C -16C)

Made in the USA

Retail: $38

Colors: Gray (stripes are Forest Green) and Loden (stripes are Forest Green)

Sizes: SM/MD, LG/XL

A good pair o’ socks are the unsung hero of a comfortable day in the saddle, a long trail run, or a technical hike. The Pinebury Signature Socks are comfortable in all conditions. These socks are engineered in collaboration with DeFeet to offer a thin, yet warm and comfortable that wicks moisture and remains durable to last a long time. This makes for an ideal piece of year-round footwear

It uses a low profile meta-pad, unique textured weave cuff, and a no-feel toa seam.

Made in the USA.

Retail: $24

Colors: Navy, Loden Green, Blue, and Natural

Sizes: SM, MD, LG, XL

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