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Dec 08, 2023

Yes, it's only February. And yes, we still have snow. But a girl can dream, can't she? Spring is surely around the corner.

In her 32 seasons with the Raiders, Jane Peterson has recorded more than 700 wins, including three national titles and 17 total trips to the national tournament.


This picture was taken about an hour before Lisa Chambers fell off a cliff. Her hat was seen floating down the river about an hour after this picture was taken. Contributed

Lisa Chambers says, "For me, Aug. 12, 2021, was a day I had been anticipating — filled with my love of waterfalls and hiking. It's also a day I can barely remember but will never forget."

It's easy to lose personal connections with friends when well-meaning plans are scattered to the winds. Many years ago, Sheila DeChantal and her friends made a conscious effort to stay connected.

Mari Kivisto is making an impact in her community.


Do you know what a scull is? What about a coxswain? A regatta? Let writer Sheila Helmberger take you on a ride with the women of the Brainerd Lakes Rowing Club to find out.

The shift in seasons brings a timely change for home chefs. Now is the perfect time to start enjoying the many seasonal dishes of warmer months that bring a lighter fare.

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