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Box Office: Five of the Top Six Films are Sequels or Reboots, The Only Things Audiences Will Pay to See

Mar 26, 2023

It's a sorry state of affairs right now.

The only things audiences will go to movie theaters for are sequels or reboots. Original ideas are not so popular.

The top six movies this weekend included five familiar ideas, and nothing new. They were: "Spider Man: Across the Universe," "The Little Mermaid," the third "Guardians of the Galaxy," "Fast X," and "Super Mario Brothers."

There were three more sequels in the top 20. The only original movie that did anything, besides Stephen King's "The Boogeyman," was "All About My Father" with Robert De Niro and Sebastian Maniscalco.

A sprinking of first time– nay, stand alone — films did little business,

For original programming, the audience is staying home and sampling from their streaming platforms.

This should bode well for the upcoming "Indiana Jones" and "Mission Impossible" movies coming soon. For others it may not be so easy unless they can sell "Oppenheimer" as the sequel to something — "Da Bomb"?

The only really original movie of the spring was "Air." But that may not count since Nike was written all over it. The $50 million worth of audience may have thought they were getting a really big shoe.