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Amazon's Selling A Ton Of These Clever Things That Make Your Backyard So Much Nicer

Jan 02, 2024


If you’ve ever looked out upon an idyllic backyard and wished yours could look the same, it totally can. Whether you’re in need of some cool lights to illuminate your space, outdoor games to liven up the party, or practical items to make yard tasks a little easier, Amazon is packed with some great outdoor accessories backed by rave reviews from shoppers.

When you’re ready to take your outdoor space to the next level, scroll on for these clever finds to make your backyard so much nicer.

Keep your lawn and garden lush with this flexible hose that makes it easier to reach all the spots in your yard. One reviewer wrote: "This hose is much lighter than those old heavy rubber hoses and is super easy to pull around and use." The durable hose is also easy to coil when not in use and it's designed not to kink.

Sizes: 7

Make your seating area a little cozier with these outdoor throw pillow covers that come in various colors, including blue, forest green, and pink. They’re made of durable, water-resistant polyester with contrasting piping around the edges, and when they get dirty, you can simply throw them in the washer.

Colors: 19 | Sizes: 3

Having some outdoor entertainment is key to having a fun backyard space and this ring toss game is a great addition. The bamboo board hangs easily from any deck post, outdoor wall, or tree and comes with a swinging ring that players try to loop onto the hook. It's great for both kids and adults and has endless replayability.

To help reduce mosquitos and other flying bugs in your backyard, put one of these electric zappers outside and they’ll be drawn away from you and into the ultraviolet light. The highly rated zapper can cover up to 2,100 square feet of space, is EPA registered for safety, and has a removable tray in the bottom for easy cleaning.

This hammock is extremely popular on Amazon thanks to its easy setup and durable design, with one reviewer writing, "I was relaxing in less than 3 minutes!" It includes carabiners and heavy-duty straps to suspend the hammock between two trees or posts, and it's machine-washable for easy cleaning.

Colors: 15 | Sizes: 2

Perfect for kids, this rope swing hangs from your tree or swingset and features climbing discs on the rope for the extra adventurous. The rope itself has an adjustable length between 4.3 and 6.6 feet and gets suspended using a strong 4.2-foot strap. It also has a soft-touch weave to be gentle on hands and can hold up to 120 pounds.

Colors: 5

Whether you’re planning the ultimate camping trip or are simply having an afternoon picnic, this waterproof quilt will help keep you dry and give you a clean and cozy place to sit. It's made of thick, durable, and easy-to-clean nylon that won't trap sand or dirt, is over 6 feet long, and can roll up into a compact carrying case when not in use.

Colors: 5

If you’ve ever dreamed of having beautifully strung lights around your backyard but don't have the trees or structures in place to create the look, grab a set of these 8-foot light poles that can be placed virtually anywhere. Each one sticks securely in the ground via long metal prongs and has a convenient loop in the top for holding your string light.

Whether you want a warm white glow or you’re looking to add some fun pops of color, these color-changing solar lights have you covered. They can be set to either white or color-changing depending on your preference, have an auto-on feature when it gets dark, and come with ground stakes for easy placement.

Keep the game going past sunset with this light-up tetherball that makes it easy to see in the dark. It features a bright, impact-activated, LED light with a replaceable battery on the inside, plus a strong nylon rope attached to the top. It even comes with extra batteries for when they need replacing.

Add a few decorative touches to your outdoor space with this set of adorable ladybug sculptures in four colors. Each one is made of durable, weather-resistant metal and hand-painted with a UV-resistant topcoat. A small hole on the underside can be used for hanging on fence posts, trees, fences, and more.

Color combinations: 2

Patio furniture can get a little expensive, but this three-piece patio set is a great value because it's made out of durable rattan-style resin that's designed to stand up to the elements. The chairs feature comfy ergonomic seats and sturdy steel legs, and the lightweight set is quick and easy to assemble.

Attract wildlife to your yard with this set of hummingbird feeders that each feature eight ports to feed multiple birds at once. They also boast an easy-to-fill design and narrow feeding areas to keep bees and ants from getting into the nectar, and they’re easy to take apart for cleaning.

Place these solar tulip lights strategically around your garden or landscaping for a colorful floral display all year long. The lights feature color-changing bulbs that shine a variety of vivid colors, have stakes to keep them securely in the ground, and turn on automatically when it gets dark. They’re also water-resistant against rain and have replaceable batteries when necessary.

Great for growing everything from strawberries and herbs to flowers and succulents, this three-tier planter maximizes space for an easy and efficient way to grow plants. The lightweight planter has three stackable tiers that provide 12 compartments for growing, and has a drip tray so you can use it indoors, too.

Colors: 3

If you’re looking to grow veggies in your backyard, consider this salad grow kit that comes with seeds for lemon cucumber, red lettuce, spring onions, golden beets, and radishes. The kit also includes peat starter pots, peat discs, and plant markers to keep everything organized.

Brighten up your outdoor space with this set of solar-powered lights that boast a faux flickering flame and a cool torch design. Each easy-to-install stake measures just 8.4 inches tall — making them great for lighting up a pathway or placing around your patio — and has a solar panel on top to soak up the sun's rays throughout the day.

These shepherd hooks are a great way to hang plants, bird feeders, or even solar lanterns and have a five-pronged base that keeps them securely in the ground. Each hook is height-adjustable between 44 and 92 inches and made of sturdy alloy steel with a weight limit of up to 18 pounds, depending on your selected height.

Not only does this patio umbrella provide cooling shade during the day, but it also has solar-powered LED lights that offer a soft glow when it gets dark. The lights run along each of the umbrella's eight aluminum ribs, and the waterproof fabric comes in 12 colors, including black and white, cerulean, and red.

Colors: 12

Great for flipping, rearranging, and pulling food off the grill, these stainless steel tongs are a must-have for any outdoor cook. The set includes tongs in three sizes (7, 9, and 12 inches) with grippy, heat-resistant silicone on the handles. Plus, built-in hanging loops make them easy to store.

Colors: 4

If you’re looking for ways to improve your lawn, consider these aerating shoes that have 13 metal spikes in the bottom to help deliver oxygen deep down into your grass's root system for thicker, healthier grass. The shoes strap onto your own footwear using three adjustable straps for a secure fit and have a one-size-fits-most design.

Keep your grill clean and rust-free with this waterproof grill cover that comes in six different sizes. The cover is made of heavy-duty, UV-resistant polyester that's durable against rain, snow, and heat, has straps to create a secure fit, and comes in black, tan, gray, and charcoal gray.

Colors: 4 | Sizes: 6

Choose from shower, jet, soaker, and five other spray settings with this garden hose nozzle that’ll give you a customized stream for any job. The metal nozzle has a textured rubber handle for optimal grip, fits all standard garden hoses, and has a flow control dial to take you from a dribble to full-force, depending on your needs.

Colors: 3

Whether you’re a beginner flyer or a seasoned kite enthusiast, this classic triangle kite is sure to provide ample entertainment on breezy days. It features a 300-foot string for sky-high flying, sturdy side poles, and measures 60 inches wide. The kite also comes with a handle that's easy to hold onto and is made of a durable nylon material.

Styles: 6

This backyard game is a fun twist on the nostalgic carnival ring toss game and is great for all ages. Teams take turns trying to toss their rings over one of the five wooden posts, with each pole being worth a designated number of points. It comes with a carrying case to keep it all together and takes seconds to set up.

Upgrade your backyard with this set of swings that feature plastic-coated chains to protect fingers and reduce rusting. The pack of two comes with sturdy straps to hang them from existing playsets or tree branches, and each swing has a thick, flexible plastic seat and a 660-pound capacity.

Colors: 7

To create a cushioned play space outside for little ones, consider this foam mat that's made up of 18 interlocking pieces, making it easy to customize the mat's shape and size. The BPA-free foam tiles are 0.4 inches thick and come in 22 colors, and the mat is easy to wipe clean as needed.

Colors: 22 | Sizes: 2

This whimsical garden statue looks cute during the day — and at night, solar-powered LED lights create a warm glow. Available in a variety of animal shapes, including an owl, turtles, and even some gnomes, these statues are weatherproof, hand-painted with a UV-resistant coat to prevent fading, and made of a durable resin material.

Styles: 7

For grilling and other activities after the sun goes down, pick up a set of these weather-resistant BBQ grill lights that’ll make it so much easier to see what you’re doing. The battery-operated LED lights have flexible necks that allow you to shine light at the perfect angle, plus strong magnetic bases that’ll stick to any metal surface.

Sharpen your skills and play games against others with this mini soccer net that's the perfect size for a backyard. The net measures 36 inches wide and 24 inches tall, has hinged corners to fold up easily when not in use, and includes a soccer ball, inflation pump, and a set of stakes to keep the net in place.

An 8-foot swimming pool for $50? Yes, please. This inflatable swimming pool doesn't require a heavy frame or expensive panels, provides ample space for water games, and one reviewer wrote, "It's the perfect size to stretch out in and float." When filled to the top ring, the water is about 23 inches deep, and it has a heavy-duty liner for long-lasting use.

This classic yard game is great for get-togethers and parties, with one fan writing, "Everyone had a blast with this game. We had never played it before but was an absolute hit with everyone!" The set includes eight tossing balls in four colors, one white pallino ball, a measuring rope, and a storage bag to keep it all together.

Keep a trashcan easily accessible without creating an eyesore with this hideaway garbage bin that has a 33-gallon capacity. It's great for use near your patio set or grill, has a lift-up lid to help keep bugs out and odors in, and has a decorative woven design to elevate the look.

Colors: 4

Add a little extra privacy to your yard with this artificial ivy hedge that you can easily hang on fences. The decorative hedge is made with vibrant polyester leaves that are densely packed to provide coverage, and they’re fade-resistant to withstand the sun. Choose from over 30 sizes to suit your needs.

Sizes: 37

Make it easy to see how much rain your lawn and garden have received with this simple rain gauge. It can be staked into the ground or mounted to the side of your fence or patio railing and has large, easy-to-read numbers that get magnified by over 35% when it rains.

Not only does this magnetic screen door help keep bugs out as you’re coming in and out of the house, but it also lets you leave the door wide open to enjoy the breeze without worrying about insects getting in. Plus, it attaches easily to your door frame using the included hook and loop tape and push pins.

Sizes: 8

Light up your yard while playing your favorite tunes with this Bluetooth speaker light. The water-resistant speaker has two light modes (steady glow or flickering light), a USB-rechargeable battery with a playtime of up to 24 hours, and a wireless range of up to 100 feet. There are also three installation options: in the ground, on a hook, or wall-mounted.

Colors: 3

This two-in-one cooler side table has earned thousands of reviews from shoppers who love its versatility and usefulness. It features a tabletop that can be left down or elevated 10 inches and locked in place for easy access inside the cooler, and reviewers write that it holds an impressive number of cans and bottles.

Colors: 2

Light up your deck or patio with this set of 16 solar lights with an L-shape that fits easily over your railings or stairs. The lights charge throughout the day, turn on automatically when it gets dark, and are water-resistant against rain. They come with all the hardware for installation and you can choose from warm white and color-changing styles in the listing.

Add this windchime to your backyard for a delicate melody when the wind blows. The 36-inch windchime features a wooden top plate, an S-shaped hook, and 18 hanging gold-toned aluminum tubes in varying lengths to create tunes in the breeze. One reviewer described the sound as "just a simple, soul-warming symphony in my backyard."

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