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May 26, 2023

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Your bathroom needs some TLC, too.

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Promising review: "These are actually cuter than I expected! They are a tad smaller than some I've seen, but they actually looked great and can hold plenty of Q-tips and cotton balls in the spare bathrooms. I have mine on a serving tray with a candle and vase, and they look great without taking up too much space!" —tara savage

Get a set of four jars from Amazon for $9.99 (also available in sets of two or three).

Promising review: "Sooo let me start off by saying this is a great product. The adhesive they provided is fantastic. My dumb a$$ (excuse my language, but I was pretty upset with myself), put one of the adhesive upside down…. Anyway. I tried to pull it off and that mf was not going anywhere!!! Had to take my spackle scraper and try and get it off the wall. Broke a nail and everything. Anyway, I gave up. TOO sticky. Also a waste after being pulled on… so I stuck the rack up there anyway and omg. It stayed.. I was reluctant at first and I put my heaviest shampoos and conditioners, all sorts of things in there… waited two days to see if it would fall… AND IT DIDN'T. It looks great and the upside down one is holding up quite well." —Lyla

Get it from Amazon for $33.99.

Promising review: "I was surprised by this product. My daughter put them in her house and told me about them. So, I bought some and was super happy how easy it is to install, it's a no brainer, and they look really nice. Love this product and recommend it to all who don't want to drill something into the wall. I give it a thumbs up." —sue whited

Get it from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in four colors).

This kit includes the cleaning wand, caddy, and six replacement heads.

Promising review: "These work great! Need a way to motivate yourself and others to clean the bowl?! Try these! It takes the mess out of the job, and cleanup is as easy as a click of a button to dispose of the cleaning pad. Satisfying! I love how they fit up under the ring and clean well up in there. Traditional toilet brushes have a hard time reaching there. Tip! Clean the upper ring around the inside first, as all the cleaning solution is in the pad, and once dunked, will start to wash away. The caddy holds the disposable cleaning pads with a nice convenient wand holder. Nice and tidy beside your toilet." —Mary

Get it from Target for $14.99.

The white is a soft bristle, best for wheels, carpet, upholstery, glass, and leather; the yellow is a medium bristle, best for bathroom, bathtub, shower, tile, and porcelain; the green is a medium bristle, best for kitchen, stoves, cabinets, countertops, and linoleum; the blue is a medium bristle, best for boats, pools, canoe/kayaks, hot tubs, and plastics; the red is a stiff bristle, best for outdoors, siding, brick, garage, and gutter; and the black is a hard bristle, best for grills, loose paint, furnaces, ovens, and industrial use.

Promising review: "Sadly I only have a shower at my house and of course it's all tile. I have zero clue why anyone would want tile it's awful. Saying that cleaning it is the worst and it never gets clean and I know for a fact I don't put enough elbow grease into it. Well that all changed with these bangers! I just put it into a drill, spray some mildew spray on it, and hammer away. It's 100% better than doing it by hand not 97% or 98% or even 99% better, it's 100% better. You need these." —Mark

Get a set of four drill brushes from Amazon for $6.95+ (available in four colors).

Promising review: "Very functional, and makes everything look more clean and put together. It's perfect for the kids, and dispenses the perfect amount of toothpaste for them. No more sticky messes on the counter." —Kristin baker

Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in three sizes and three colors).

Promising review: "Really researched organizers and felt this was the best constructed with great storage space. Bought one, my husband saw me reorganizing my stuff and asked if he could have one, too. Ordered it, and he reorganized his stuff. He finished and told me it was the first time his bathroom cabinet was organized in 30 years. We LOVE this organizer, it is sturdy, well made and spacious." —LuckyJ

Get it from Amazon for $22.99+ (available in two styles and three colors).

BlackberryWoodshop is a Kentucky-based small business that sells handmade wooden furnishings for all areas of the home.

Promising review: "The ladder shelf turned out amazing! Ron worked with me to change the measurements to fit over my toilet. He was very responsive and super easy to work with. Highly recommend purchasing the ladder shelf from Ron!" —Cynthia Seifert

Get it from BlackberryWoodshop on Etsy for $168+ (available in 35 colors).

Promising review: "I bought this because of all the hype on TikTok, and I wasn't expecting much, to be honest. I have these glass shower doors that have been water marked for a while, I usually use a magic eraser, but that doesn't take them away very well. But after putting this on a microfiber towel, and simply rubbing it in, it is as clear as it was the day we bought them, I cannot believe this! I can't wait to clean other things! I would recommend gloves, because I didn't use gloves, and I can feel my finger is a little scratched up from the little particles that has in it." —Jennifer

Get it from Amazon for $5.97.

Promising review: "Using this is the best way to self-care now. I can watch my shows using my phone, the soap bar is there, I can put on my wine or drink up there. It's literally the best thing ever and I highly recommend." —Tameira Ballinger

Get it from Amazon for $37.95+ (available in two colors).

Promising review: "Extremely soft and absorbent. We have a tiled bathroom that can cause the rugs to slip — not this one. It stays in place unless you pick it up and move it. I will be ordering several more." —Kathi S.

Get it from Amazon for $11.79+ (available in 10 sizes and 43 colors).

Promising review: "Sturdy, good quality and aesthetic. Survived two moving days and still going strong. The canvas bag is detachable and washable. Easy to assemble. The lid doesn't fix in place but I like it, it's a laundry basket not an air-tight container. ‍I would recommend this product." —Pratibha

Get it from Wayfair for $30.99+ (available in two colors).

Promising review: "My shower is pretty tall and this is the perfect length, looks very nice and you can remove the liner to wash it! Also the clips at the top slide easily and stay attached well" —Ama

Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in 10 sizes and 18 colors).

Promising review: "I love the matte black. They look great with my curtain. This is the first time I have purchased shower hooks that have a hook for the liner and a hook for the curtain. I love this. So much easier to use. I also like the fact that the hooks will not rust. They won't be messing up my shower rod. Ordering was easy and I received them very quickly. I highly recommend these hooks." —Amazon Customer

Get the set of 12 hooks from Amazon for $6.97+ (available in 11 colors).

Promising review: "This is so much better than the chemicals used to spray the shower doors to keep the water spots away. No chemical smell, no annoying application process. Just takes a minute after you shower to keep the doors looking great." —Karen

Get it from Amazon for $13.99+ (available in three sizes and four colors).

Promising review: "So handy for a good clean. Convenient for a short person to reach the hard-to-reach spots." —Evie

Get it from Amazon for $17.69

Promising review: "Perfect fix to our older clogged faucet. Sleek and modern. Install was easy! Going to buy a couple more to change out all faucets in our home." —Mia

Get it from Amazon for $45.59+ (available in two heights and four finishes).

Promising review: "These are so easy to install! We sold our house and moved into a mobile home on our land while we build a house. We wanted to do a little updating but we don't want to spend a lot. We decided to use self adhesive flooring and i fell in love with these! The pattern and color were perfect for my bathroom theme! Installation was easy and quick. They stick great and it's been a few weeks and we've had no issues. I love the texture and they're so easy to clean! Definitely recommend!" —Heather Wine

Get a set of 10 tiles from Amazon for $13.90+ (available in two colors).

Promising review: "This is quality. Very nice. The bottoms have little feet that are "sticky" so items don't slide around. Heavy but dainty pieces. I love it. I got the light green and it is super nice." —Walkingforlife

Get it from Amazon for $31.45+ (available in five colors).

Promising review: "It's a little modern but I feel it can go with multiple styles. Feels very sturdy and looks nice even empty." —Jacqueline

Get it from Wayfair for $48.89+ (originally $79.20+; available in four colors).

Promising review: "We bought a house with a jetted tub. I had anxiety about using the tub because I didn't know what kind of germs and funk was in the jets. I ordered Oh Yuk before we even closed a escrow. And when escrow did close, I got my keys and immediately used Oh Yuk in the tub. The junk that came out was hella gross! I ran it four times and not the tub jets are spotless. It was great being able to take a bath and not worry about someone else's dirty and funk in my bath water. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!" —Niki D.

Get it from Amazon for $17.84.

Promising review: "I used this product five years ago in the bathroom floor of a house we bought. It had beautiful beige tile and hideous orange grout. After cleaning the grout with a paste of OxiClean, I applied the pen. It covered completely and I have beige grout. It has lasted without reapplying for five years. The floor is washed every week. We recently bought a vacation condo with beige tile and orange grout in the shower. I used the white pen and the shower looks brand-new. Now I ordered more for the floor." —Pamela Brucker

Get it from Amazon for $8.99+ (available in two tip widths).

TurkishToweLife is a US-based business that specializes in all things Turkish towel.

Promising review: "Thank you so much. These beach towels are perfect and the font and stitching came out amazing. Great job. Will be ordering more in the future." —Michelle Batman

Get it from TurkishToweLife on Etsy for $4.49+ (available in four sizes, 23 colors, and with or without custom embroidery).

Promising review: "I love this little trash bin! It fits perfectly into the space I needed for it to sit. The motion sensor is sensitive and the lid pops up quickly and smoothly. I bought two of these little cans, one for each bathroom. Fast delivery and well packaged. Very pleased with this purchase." —Pamela Blasko

Get it from Amazon for $26.99+ (available in two sizes and two colors).

Promising review: "I love this! Its a great shower head at a fraction of the cost of the brand name rain shower head. It can pivot, so if I want to change the angle of it, I can, unlike some of the other shower heads which are fixed and cannot move. I like that they give you the regulator to increase the pressure to high but I chose not to change it so when the water hits your skin, it feels like rain. Overall, a good buy, and will get another to keep as a spare." —L. Singh

Get it from Amazon for $32.95+ (available in eight colors and a square option).

Promising review: "I owned one of the plastic ones before and this was a total upgrade! LOVE the look, a little hard to fold but maybe I just need to workout more. Anyway, my fiancé was very skeptical but he says it's AMAZING and now takes less time hogging the restroom." —Evelyn Flores

Get it from Amazon for $39.99+ (available in two colors).

Promising review: "Looks great and any accommodates any size roll of toilet paper. Bought one for both of my bathrooms!" —DeAnna H Williams

Get it from Amazon for $11.24+ (available in two colors).

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