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New York Bridal Fashion Week Spring 2024 Preview Sketches

Dec 16, 2023

A sneak peek at some of the looks set to debut this season.

Courtesy of Jesus Peiro

As you might already know, New York Bridal Fashion Week is a bi-annual event where designers come together to showcase their newest and most gorgeous collections. For Brides editors, however, this is a time when we're able to observe what's new in the market, report on the most recent trends, and use our expertise to help brides-to-be find their dream wedding day gowns.

This year, we're especially excited for the Spring 2024 collections as designers seemingly continue to break the mold of "traditional bridalwear," further creating looks that are at once unexpected and inclusive for a range of bridal styles. How do we know? Well, we asked a few top brands to share an exclusive preview with us ahead of their New York debuts. But don't worry, we aren't keeping everything to ourselves.

For those who are also interested in getting a sneak peek at the looks set to be revealed this season, ahead, we've rounded up a preview of the gowns you'll be able to see during Bridal Fashion Week and beyond. Keep scrolling for more, and don't forget to check back with Brides to view the full collections as they're officially released.

Courtesy of Amsale

"From the purist porcelains of Asia to the ancient urns of Greece, organic earthenware inspires the strikingly molded gowns of the newest bridal collection from AMSALE. Crisp fabrics such as silk magnolia, Italian double-sided duchess satin, and gazar are carefully draped into sleek profiles mimicking the art of throwing clay; and embellishment is created through a unique layering of fabrics mimicking textural plaster. - Michael Cho, head designer

Courtesy of Anne Barge

"Strapless asymmetrical bow bodice draped in stretch Mikado with a full draped skirt accented by oversized bow at the hip and a chapel length train." - The Anne Barge team

Courtesy of Arava Polak

"Captivated by the beauty of nature, Arava Polak combines intricate floral details with lightweight fabrics, creating an elegant and romantic look. The meticulous beading throughout the gown highlights the exceptional craftmanship of Arava Polak and makes every bride feel unique on their wedding day." - The Arava Polak team

Courtesy of Badgley Mischka

"The epitome of Badgley Mischka's ‘Old Hollywood’ glamour—a collage of lace, tulle, pearls, crystals, and Italian crepe; sexy and classic." - The Badgley Mischka team

Courtesy of Berta

"Castles and fairytales and dreams that go above and beyond. None compromising beauty that holds elegance, grace, and immense power. Whether it's ball gowns with structured corsets only royalty can walk in, or a soft mesh covered in handmade flower appliques you can drool over. Whether your childhood wish was to run through a castle and have the perfect hand-drawn princess portrait, or perhaps being a forest fairy, this collection is all about putting the child within you at the forefront. Empowering the little girl who wanted anything and everything. It's nothing but simple, yet simplifies the meaning of effortless beauty. Be ready for gloves, trains, capes, veils and everything in between, all to make one day dream come true." - The Berta team

Courtesy of CINQ

"Our gowns seek to capture this atmosphere—tying together modern designs with heritage. The gowns are delicate and diaphanous, lightly dancing over the body, constructed of layer upon layer of silk tulle and silk wool, creating a deeply atmosphere effect." - The CINQ team


"The collection is a heady marriage of Gotham-city style opulence, couture craftsmanship, and subversive rock-’n’-roll glamour." - Anna Shaheen and Anthony Cucculelli, founders and designers

Courtesy of Dana Harel

"Dana Harel's Spring/Summer 2024 bridal collection, Water Lilies, takes a fresh and more modest approach this season. The collection infuses delicate and intricate lace fabrics with a modern twist, and is inspired by the impressionism of Claude Monet's Water Lilies series." - Dana Harel, founder and designer

Courtesy of Enaura

"Captivating in its details and structural construction, this wedding dress by Enaura features both modern and romantic details. The strapless corset is constructed out of asymmetrical fabric with exposed boning that is covered in hand-beaded wildflower embroidery. Floral tendrils reach down to the A-line silk wool skirt that hides a discrete side slit." - The Enaura team

Courtesy of Esé Azénabor

"We are excited to showcase in our first-ever Bridal Fashion Week, introducing our couture runway collection 'Essence.' I chose to create the Essence line to really show what inspired me to become a designer which is creating lots of texture. From fabric manipulation and Swarovski crystals to Ostrich feathers and 3-D floral patterns. Creating real-life textures such as the countless hand-beaded pearls for our one-of-a-kind brides. This runway collection elevates a form of uniqueness and innovation that we can not wait to bring to our brides." – Esé Azénabor, owner, creative director, and head designer

Courtesy of Eva Lendel

"Eva Lendel is about minimalism and pure beauty. However, this season, we reimagined the minimalism concept adding voluminous fantasy flowers and other detachable elements for the bride to be spontaneous about how she desires to see her final bridal look on the exceptional day." - Ilona Shramko, founder

Courtesy of Francesca Miranda

"A collection inspired in the ethereal beauty of the spring awakening" - Francesca Miranda, founder and designer

Courtesy of Galia Lahav

"A bold and untamed bridal collection inspired by the iconic opera 'Carmen.' The collection embodies the raw passion of love and encourages brides to express their hearts' desires without conforming to traditional norms. Bold floral details, and unique romantic silhouettes, all meant to evoke the sensual and romantic spirit of the opera. AMOR is a tribute to the timeless beauty and drama of 'Carmen,' and a celebration of the enduring allure of Spanish culture." - The Galia Lahav team

Courtesy of Halfpenny London

"Inspired by mother nature's constant strive for equilibrium, 'Balance' celebrates the beauty in juxtaposing textiles and surprising harmony in opposing forces. Designer Kate Halfpenny draws on her own experience striving for balance in her personal and work lives, and explores how that very imbalance creates unexpected and exquisite consequences and opportunities. These new dresses and accessories embody her experience with unexpected detail and exaggerated accessories. Sleek lines are interrupted by organza frills bursting from a seam like the crest of a wave, or cascade to the floor like water gently caressing the shore. With this new collection, Kate invites brides-to-be to revel in the joy of the unexpected and play with these new pieces to find their own unique balance." - Kate Halfpenny, founder and designer

Courtesy of Honor

"This collection started with the idea of luminosity and electricity. I wanted to make effervescent pieces that felt lit from within. I played with a bit of color while continuing to explore sheerness and lingerie-inspired elements." - Giovanna Randal, founder and designer

Courtesy of Ines Di Santo

"Symphony No. 54, 'In Full Bloom': This season Ines celebrates her 54th collection since launching her namesake brand. Orchestrating her signature design elements and celebrated dramatic proportions, Ines looks to create a collection that crescendos into spring with a vibrant display of color and texture. Every bride should feel like a flower in full bloom, beautiful and perfectly unique." - Ines Di Santo, founder and designer

Courtesy of Jenny Yoo

"The Femme Nouveau collections are designed for the innately feminine woman who embraces the avant-garde." - The Jenny Yoo team

Courtesy of Jesus Peiro

"Thirty-Five. With this beautiful epigraph—a number that sounds outstanding—JESUS PEIRO presents its bridal fashion collection for 2024. It describes the years that have passed since the brand was founded in 1988. Thirty-five years dedicated to our passion and what we love to create: wedding dresses made in Spain.

An intense week of fashion exhibitions in Paris aroused the inspiration of Merche Segarra, our lead designer, to create a tribute to all great fashion designers. Schiaparelli's graphic and sculptural impact; the brilliant and missed Albert Elbaz; Alaïa's extraordinary femininity and modernity, and the wonderful aroma of luxury and rigor of a centenary Dior, encouraged her to create a collection of unique dresses, each with its own character and delicate silhouette.

Because these dresses are our DNA, and our magnum opus, the 2024 collection is our tribute to the dress that elevates a woman in love into expressing her true beauty as a happy bride." - The Jesus Peiro team

Courtesy of Justin Alexander Signature

"Experiencing the excitement, joy, love, and sense of commitment during my recent wedding to my beautiful wife, Kelsey, was a spectacular feeling that is almost indescribable. The excitement of wedding planning and envisioning a future with the person you love can be overwhelming, yet it all comes together in harmony as the date approaches. On the day of the wedding, the joy of seeing your loved ones gathered to celebrate your union is incredible. The love and connection you feel with your partner during the ceremony is a special moment that you will cherish forever and the memories you make are unimaginable. The Spring/Summer 2024 collection is an encapsulation of feelings and emotions. The creations are of dreams and inspired by the love, excitement, and beauty from our wedding day. Experience a blend of modern romance and contemporary beauty captured in every seam, every detail, and every unique gown." - Justin Warshaw, CEO and creative director

Courtesy of Kelly Faetanini

"'Eternal' Collection: The Spring 2024 collection is a harmonious blend of understated elegance and elevated sophistication, embodying the essence of timeless design and high fashion. Rooted in the essence of Southern France and the intimacy of a perfect love story, this collection tells its own narrative of eternal romance and grace, making each gown a symbol of the perfect union of design, storytelling, and love." - Kelly Faetanini, founder and designer

Courtesy of Kim Kassas Couture

"Kim Kassas Couture's Spring 2024 Bridal Collection, Crown Jewels, is a tribute to the strong and influential women who wield the power of royalty. Drawing on the elegance of royal fashion, this collection includes a range of bold styles designed with luxurious fabrics and ornate details that reflect the opulence of the Crown Jewels." - The Kim Kassas Couture team

Courtesy of La Chenille Bridal

"La Chenille Bridal is all about refining and elevating beach bridal looks. This year, I drew inspiration from the extravagant bachelorette parties, beach weddings, and honeymoons of our brides. The La Chenille bride seeks adventure and luxury and the pearl details, elaborate bows, and island motifs woven throughout the collection deliver just that." - Demi Thomas, designer and founder

Courtesy of Lee Petra Grebenau

"I am thrilled to present the 'SUNRISE' collection to our brides. We believe that this collection is not just about the gowns themselves, but also about the powerful message they convey. This collection is made for the bride who wants to start her new life with a sense of joy and optimism. I hope that every woman who wears one of these couture gowns feels confident, empowered, sexy, and ready to embrace whatever the future holds and to rise to any challenge that comes her way." – Lee Petra Grebenau, founder and designer

Courtesy of LEIN

"I’ve spent the last three years finding a balance between the two worlds I call home, two places I love so much. Even with their contrasting nature, the city and mountain settings exude a romance that captivates me. The textiles for this season are delicate but strong, while the silhouettes are distinctly feminine and well-defined." - Meredith Stoecklein, founder and designer

Courtesy of Lihi Hod

"Inspired by a deep yearning for elegance and fantastical dreams of beauty, this collection showcases graceful designs that evoke an irresistible air of mystique. The collection is a subtle and alluring fusion of sophistication, grace, and enchantment." - Lihi Hod, founder and designer

Courtesy of Madeline

"The MADELINE 'Blossom' Collection tells the story of a delicate blossoming bud into a magnificent bloom. Evoking the whimsical feeling of being in a field of flowers, basking in the sun-kissed glow of spring. This budding collection is reflected in the flourishing designs, growing into its beauty, and enhancing that which is already beautiful—our brides." - Madeline Gardner, chief creative and design officer

Courtesy of Marchesa

"The Spring 24 Marchesa bridal couture collection marries the designs of traditional silhouettes and modern views of bridal. The bridal dresses offer structured and statuesque silhouettes, with airy and light feelings, adorned with large 3D florals and encrusted pearl embroideries." - The Marchesa team

Courtesy of Marchesa

"The new Spring 2024 Marchesa Notte Bridal Collection is a striking homage to Marchesa's roots. The collection focuses on ethereal fabrics that are paired with elegant 3D floral appliques. Structured corsets are delicately embellished with whimsical thread embroideries. Soft A-Line skirts are decorated with cascading feathery textures, creating dreamy silhouettes that are modern yet true to the aesthetic of the brand." - The Marchesa Notte team

Courtesy of Markarian

"For our SS24 bridal collection, I created timeless silhouettes in embroidered and pearl beaded laces, crisp silk failles, daisy embellished silk cottons, and wispy floral organzas. We partnered with Gigi Burris again on veils and headpieces that have an injection of modernity and whimsy with unexpected details and fabrications." - Alexandra O'Neill, founder and designer

Courtesy of Mira Zwillinger

"'Awakening': Our Spring 2023 haute couture bridal collection reflects our designer's personal awakening process, awakening to living life in a different way, with a different tuning of our mind and a different outcome of our reality which bursts forth and influences everything in our path. Unleashing our inner power and exuberance of our creative expression." - Mira and Lihi Zwillinger, designers

"Inspired by shimmering waves and the radiant colors of a rising sun, the designs in my Fall 2023 Radiance Collection are truly a sight to behold! This season, I’ve channeled the magic of inner beauty with new interpretations on classic silhouettes, chic textural details, and luminous embellishments that create a dazzling glow. Airy and elegant styles are mixed with high glamour designs for a diverse collection that speaks to all types of bridal beauty. The Radiance Collection is all about enhancing the love and light every bride feels on her most special day." - Madeline Gardner, chief creative and design officer

Courtesy of Nadia Manjarrez

"This season, I was inspired by trailblazing Mexican women who shaped the history of my home country of Mexico." - Nadia Manjarrez, founder and designer

Courtesy of Nardos

"The Enchanting Garden bridal collection is perfect for the modern bride. It features a contemporary take on classic trends. Each piece is designed with feminine florals and architectural structures. Step into the magical world at Nardos." - Nardos Imam, founder and designer

Courtesy of Rami Al Ali

"Establishing a collection for the modern-day Bride, this collection effortlessly deconstructs traditional looks and reimagines them with a new vision. A fresh and youthful nature personifies the collection with beautifully prevailing shapes and flowing lines." - Rami Al Ali, founder and designer

Courtesy of Sarah Seven

"Our newest Sarah Seven collection, Popstar, is all about bringing to life the vibe of 1982. A celebrated woman, her home is filled with ferns, disco balls, and swans. You’ll find her arms up getting her groove on, dressed to the nines in silky fabrics, plunging necklines, decolletage galore and always snatched." - The Sarah Seven team

Courtesy of Sareh Nouri

"Let your love transcend both time and tradition in the Sareh Nouri 'Something Blue' Spring 2024 bridal collection. Inspired by the Old English rhyme, this collection proves to appeal to brides looking for a timeless, classic, but modern bridal look." - The Sareh Nouri team

Courtesy of Savannah Miller

"The Spring/Summer 2024 collection is named after the poetic Nick Cave's song of the same title that was read by my sister, Sienna, at my wedding. The song was loosely inspired by Turner's paintings of ships. They depict the freedom of movement in fabric caught by the wind. There is something so powerful about silk in motion and I really wanted to bring that sense of power and beauty to the collection this season. Here, we highlight the Danielle gown, a direct replica of one of our bespoke brides, Danielle Copperman's dress. A strapless, elegant, and timeless style made from a beautiful pearl duchess satin that features a hidden corset with peeping visible bust cups at the neckline. The skirt is draped into the side waist and forms a sculptural cross-over and split detail, and the back of the skirt has volume tucked into the waist to form inverted box pleats which cascade into a dramatic train. The side split and deep pockets elevate this classic gown to a super sexy, romantic, and contemporary place. A versatile and very flattering gown for all body types." - Savannah Miller, founder and designer

Courtesy of Scorcesa

"My brides are embracing their individuality and expressing their personal style. Incorporating unique, unexpected elements into your wedding day can make it truly unforgettable." - Charles Dieujuste, founder and designer

Courtesy of Sophie et VoilÃ

"If there is one thing that represents us, identifies us as Basque, which shapes and enriches our landscape, it is the rain. This water, so versatile and complete, which is given to us, and is called euria in Euskera, our language. ‘Ours’ translates to geuria. A beautiful play on words. (G)EURIA is the return to the origin of Sophie et Voilà, having drunk from the waters of experience throughout the years. It is a very us collection, and, like the rain, it is clean, natural, inevitable, unstoppable, and full of life. 20 designs made up of new materials, textures, and shapes without compromising the style of this house." - Sofía Arribas, creative director and Saioa Goitia, CEO

Courtesy of The Atelier Couture

"Inspired by the natural and romantic atmosphere from the writing style of the 'Stray Birds' by Rabindranath Tagore, The Atelier presents 'Thy Love' through the imagery of nature. In Tagore's eyes, the world needs love, and in life needs more love. Just as he wrote in his book, 'Stray Birds': 'Let this be my last word, that I trust thy love.' Love is like a beautiful poem with grass, fireflies, fallen leaves, birds, mountains, and rivers. Everything in nature is endowed with spirituality, as if the sky courts with the sea, and the bird's bill and coo with clouds. This anthropomorphic description is a meaningful interpretation of love, beautiful and romantic, deep and great." - The Atelier Couture team

Courtesy of THEIA

"If kisses were stars, I would give you the sky" - The THEIA Bridal team

Courtesy of Vivienne Westwood

"This season we looked to the night sky—the shapes, colors, and explosions of the cosmos. Our bespoke couture collection reflects this through the luminous fabrics and metallic embellishments, and our made-to-order collection through sweeping necklines and ethereal trains, capes, and long-line boleros—which orbit the silhouette. The colors are inspired by the nebulas—silvery whites, blush pinks, and golds, contrasted by rich reds, aquamarine, and sapphire blue.

We are particularly proud of the lower-impact fabric choices we made in creating this collection, which is made-to-order and handcrafted in London. For the environmentally conscious bride, gowns are created in an FSC-certified viscose and acetate crepe satin, georgette and stretch satin, as well as taffeta, tulle, sequins and lace certified as recycled, and embellished with artisanal embroideries." - Brigitte Stepputtis, head of couture and bridal

Courtesy of WONA Concept

"Woná Concept presents a new wedding line—Atelier by Wona. This collection was created with fine and exclusive lace in combination with classic designs that have already captured the hearts of brides all over the world. Woná seamstresses dedicated from 70 to 160 hours to create these intricately detailed hand-sewn gowns, and the first atelier collection includes 20 stunning garments. The mermaid silhouette prevails and appears in 12 exquisite gowns, the rest are sheath and A-line styles. Woná Concept designers see the perfect wedding attire for the brides with essential attributes of the collection: trains from chapel to monarch length, open shoulders, and accentuated waist." - The Woná Concept team

Courtesy of Yellow By Sahar

"This dress is breaking the rules of bridalwear, taking it to the level of sophistication of haute couture. The gown is designed for the bride that won't be satisfied with the status quo, or as Marilyn Monroe once said, 'A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows that she has none.'" - The Yellow By Sahar team

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